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Tips About Wood Flooring

byadmin| september 28, 2016 | driveway paving, paving tips

Installing hardwood flooring might present big challenges for a novice builder. Following the best technique for hardwood flooring will produce you a bright, durable and beautiful product for on your construction project. Read below the most commonly used techniques for hardwood flooring installation.

Hardwood Flooring Installation Areas


A hardwood floor could be installed above grade or on grade in the following subfloors:

Wood Subfloors either plywood or OSB board. Remember that wood subfloors must be structurally sound and free from movement.

Concrete subfloors. When installing hardwood flooring on concrete, this must be at least 30 days old and must have passed all moisture tests.

Hardwood flooring could be installed over radiant heating systems, only if approved and recommended by the manufacturer.

Hardwood flooring could also be installed over tile, stone, bamboo, and vinyl. These surfaces must be checked for integrity prior hardwood installation.

Hardwood floors are not recommended in areas where high moisture is present unless approved by the manufacturer.

Hardwood Flooring Installation Material

Installing hardwood floor requires some basics materials such as: Broom Carpenter's square Chalk line Crow Bar Electric Saw with carbide tipped blade Hammer Jigsaw Spacers Tapping block Utility knife Utility towels Soft rubber mallet There are other materials needed depending on the type of hardwood installation.



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