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Roof Coating

Roof Coatings in Newcastle, Gosforth and the North East

Here at Handyman Newcastle we are all about property maintenance, and preventative maintenance is always the easiest and cheapist kind.

We often paint and decorate our homes, fit new Carpet, new bathrooms and so on, but how often do we even think about our roofs.

Anyone that has ever had to pay for a new roof will tell you that maintaining their roof would have been a far cheaper option.

Handyman Roof Coatings in Newcastle can offer you this option, with fantastic results. let me explain.

Moss growth on our roofs has reached unprecedented levels in the UK. It not only creates a dull and dirty appearance which is unsightly, but greatly reduces the life-span of your roof as well as spoiling the appearance and reducing the value of your home.

Clay and concrete roof tiles have a limited life-span, when moss is prevelant it can hold over 20 percent more water and when it freezes in winter adds massive stress to your roof.

Also UVA rays and the dreaded english weather wash away the colour of our roof tiles leaving them an unsightly grey. We have all seen 2 semi's where a new roof has been fitted to one, how good does it look and how bad does the old one look?

We have the answer,

First we clean all the moss and everything else off your roof using a high pressure wash system, then we coat the whole area with a Fungicidal spray which will also stop any future growth then we repair and replace any broken tiles and re mortar where needed then we paint the whole roof with a special roof tile paint which acts as a roof sealer as well as a restoration product, using the same premium acrylic polymers as those applied to modern roof tiles so you can be sure of a waterproof and highly durable finish for years to come.

Our Roof Coatings come in a range of eight colours to suit most common roofing materials, with more colours available to special order.

The results are simply amaizing, and we offer a 10 year guarantee.

So go outside now and have a look at the roof of your house which is your most valuable asset and remember this, the cost of repairing and recoating your roof is up to 80% cheaper than replacing it.

Can you afford not to call us?



Our Handyman is used to all the small jobs that needs to be done, typical examples of the jobs we are asked to do, are, assemble Flat Pack Furniture, or repair Fencing and Decking, maybe replace a damaged Brick, we are often asked to put up a Curtain pole, repair leaky Taps install a new light switch touch up Paint, here and there, or Mow the Lawn.

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